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Company Name: Snap 180 Media

About Company: Snap 180 Media LLc’s DJI Inspire 1 Drone produces the some of the smoothest rock solid 3 axis gyro stabilized videos of any remote machine currently available on the market. The stability of the footage rivals that from a full sized helicopter!  The amazing built-in camera films aerial video at 4K and other various flim sizes and lens is fixed at 16mm for optimum results. This craft can be used for films, TV shows, commercials, real estate, universities, corporate videos, or any one who needs aerial media. Operated by a single pilot with ease or with a separate camera pilot for more complex gimbal control enabling us to film at any angle from any 3 dimensional point in space. Recommend video frame rates are 60fps and 30fps. We can later reduce later in post production. This multicopter has a live wireless video feed for pilot and separate live video feed for cameraman and director.

Contact Number: 920-385-1980

Website: http://www.wisconsindronefootage.com/

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