Washington Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Rees Aerials

About Company: My love of drones, sUAS, started when I when I first took to the sky as a profession in 1998 as a Rotary Wing Aviator for the United States Army. Seeing the world from a striking view only seen by a fraction of the world’s population put me in awe of all things aviation. After leaving the Army in 2006, I was inspired to bring the aerial perspective to the marketplace. In 2015, I applied for and was granted a Section 333 exemption to bring drones to the marketplace. At Rees Aerials, my team and I share this belief in the impact of bringing an eye to the sky. We see Spokane Drone Photography as a next level video marketing tactic that offers a unique and memorable look at your commercial, residential or agricultural property.

Contact Number: 509-701-0086

Website: https://www.reesaerials.com/

Company Name: UpAngle Drone Services

About Company: UpAngle Drone Services started out 4 years ago building and flying drones for fun in Tri-Cities, WA. From the beginning, we had a vision of drones being used in ways that could change multiple industries.

Today, we use some of the most advanced commercial drone equipment on the market. Our experience puts us in front of the competition as we truly understand our drone equipment and their capabilities.

We’ve worked hard to build partnerships with growing companies in different business sectors and we continue to welcome new ideas from new clients. Our drone fleet is capable of imaging incredibly detailed topographical maps, capturing cinema grade commercial and professional video, safely inspecting objects/structures with a state of the art 30X optical zoom lens and flying multiple types of sensors including multi-spectral for agriculture.

Contact Number: (509) 713 7889

Website: http://www.upangle.com/


About Company: Rob Miller has nearly a decade of professional Photography experience and is the owner of Spokane Drone Photography and RL Miller Photography LLC.  He holds a remote pilot airman certificate with a small uas rating for commercial drone operation under FAA Part 107 (long name for a drone license…) and carries both general liability and drone specific insurance coverage.

Rob is a founding member of the Certified Remote Pilots Association of America.  Spokane Drone Photography partners with the very best local drone pilots, photo editors, photographers, and marketing specialists in the Inland Northwest to make your project stand out from the rest.  Whether you are a client requiring our services or a pilot looking to partner with our team, we look forward to talking with you!

Contact Number: 509-688-5398

Website: http://spokanedronephotography.com/

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