United Kingdom Drone Laws

General UK Drone Laws:

  • YOU are responsible for each drone flight.
  • Check before each use that your drone is not damaged and that all components are working.
  • Keep your drone within visual sight at all times.
  • If not operated within visual sight, drone must be fitted with sense-and-avoid system or operated within segregated airspace.
  • YOU are responsible for ensuring your drone does not collide with other people or objects, including other aircraft.
  • Do NOT fly your drone in any way that could endanger other people or property.
  • It is illegal to fly your drone over a congested area (streets, towns, cities)
  • Keep your drone clear of airports and airfields.
  • Do NOT fly your drone within 50 meters of a person, vehicle, building or structure or over groups of people at any height.
  • Ensure you are not breaching any privacy laws with images you obtain from your drone.
  • You MUST register your drone if it weighs greater than 20Kg.
  • You must not fly your drone farther than 500 meters horizontally from your location and no higher than 122 meters.

Additional UK Laws for Drones over 7Kg;

  • Drones must NOT be flown in Class A, C, D, or E airspace unless the permission of the appropriate air traffic control unit has been obtained.
  • Drones must NOT be flown within an aerodrome traffic zone  during the notified hours of watch of the air traffic unit at that aerodrome unless the permission of any such air traffic control unit has been obtained.
  • Drones must NOT be flown at a height of more than 400 feet.

Commercial UK Drone Laws:

  • You MUST obtain permission from the CAA prior to any commercial activity or face prosecution for any type of drone. Visit www.caa.co.uk/uas for more information.
  • An assessment of individual knowledge will be performed. Two companies assess pilot competence on behalf of the CAA as well as guide you through the process of obtaining licencing.

  1. EuroUSC – Basic National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certificate – Small
  2. Resource UAS – Remote Pilot Qualification – Small