Top 5 Best Drones With Wheels – 2017

best drone with wheels

Looking to a buy a drone with wheels? The cool thing about having a wheeled drone, is that it allows you to roll the drone along the ground for landing, and, even more importantly, they can also act as a buffer to protect the drone from any collision shocks or rough landings. We have rounded up the Top 5 best drone with wheels that you can buy in 2017.


5) JJRC Drone with Wheels

Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 Fly & Drive – This unique quadcopter fly-car can fly in the air AND drive on the ground.
  • 4-Axis Structure – This quadcopter structure allows for more flexible and rapid movement in the air during flight. Able to fly indoor and outdoor and is wind-resistent
  • 360° Eversion & Throwing Flight – One key 360° roll, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance. Throwing flight allows you to throw your RC into the air and immediately begin flying.
  • 2.4GHz Radio control – Fly or drive at long distance with multiple RC’s at the same time with minimal interference. This new radio technology consumes small amount of power and delivers rapid response.
  • 6 AXIS GYRO – Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force!

4)Babrit Drone with Wheels

Key Features:

  • Land and Fly Mode.Land mode – Functions as a remote control car with 2 speed mode.Fly Mode – Functions as a quadcopter with 2 speed mode, 360 degree flip
  • 360 Degree Eversion: 360 degree 3D eversion function.Exclusive matte black and yellow flame colorway – Exclusive by Red Rock
  • 2.4 Ghz spread spectrum transmitter uses multiple frequencies across 100-200 band.Two mode switch: Switch from beginner to expert mode
  • 4 Channel: Flight characteristics: up/down, left/right, turn left/right,sideward left/right(Notice: Do not leave the battery charge overnight.Safety charge time is 90 minutes.Please plug off immediately when you finished charging.)

3) Contixo F1 Drone with Wheels

Key Features:

  • Three different speeds; carry out multi directional flips;360° rolling mode; hover and four-direction control whilst on the ground.
  • Easy to use rc mini drone quadcopter makes learning to fly fun and enjoyable.
  • 6 axis gyro rc quadcopter gyroscope is adjustable. This helps the rc mini drone quadcopter fly stable.
  • This RC quadcopter is a 4 channel & rc 2.4GHz connection for super fast reaction speed.

2) Taotuo Flying Drone

Key Features:

  • DUAL MODE RC Flying and Driving Quadcopter Car Allows you to Drive on Terrain and Instantly take off into Flight,this item Include both Wings and Wheels,it can’t only Fly in the Sky but also Travel on Land,you can Switch the Mode Casually as you like
  • When the Quadcopter is out of Control Distance,just Press the Button,the Quadcopter will Return to you Automatically
  • Exceptional Control for Indoor and Outdoor Flying & Hovering
  • 360⁰ and 3D Rollover Function,Up,Down,Forward,Backward,Turn Left or Right,Left or Right Side Fly Hover,Fast or Slow Shift,Light Control,”One key” Lock Heading , “One Key” Return,On the Ground Forward/Backward/Turn Left/Turn Right Functions
  • LED lights for Night time flying.

1) Physport Flying Car RC drone

Key Features:

  • Land/sky, the rc quadcopter car integrated the features of the vehicle and drone. 4 wheels and built-in motors enable full-direction control on the ground, it can also fly in the sky.
  • The 2.4Ghz RC quadcopter car is versatile, Headless mode, 6 axies, 360°flips and rolls, One-key return, Up,Down, Forward, Backward, Turn Left or Right.
  • Sponge Wheel: The sponge wheel increases the friction with the ground will protect the floor from being abraded when driving indoors.
  • LED lights, which enables you to fly in the dark at night.