Top 5 Best Drone Video Footage London – 2015

London is beautiful at ground level, but when you send a drone in the air, that’s when you can see London’s real beauty. There are many Drone Videos Of London. After watching nearly 50 videos on youtube we have listed our Top 5 videos of aerial drone footage taken over London in the United Kingdom – covering England’s most populated city and its sites – Big Ben, London Bridge, London Tower and The Coca-Cola London Eye.  We hope you enjoy our list of the Top 5 Video Footage London.


‘London From Above’ by

See London and see some of the city’s top attractions from above. Take a look at iconic sites including Greenwich, Tate Modern, and the Natural History Museum from a completely new perspective. See sweeping views of London from above. This video was filmed, with permission, using a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), also known as a drone.

The London Eye

This flight was legal and had the permission of both the London Eye and the Metropolitan Police, the pilot is BNUC Licensed and we carry full Drone insurance for multiple aircraft’s.
This footage is the property of DCF Media Ltd.


Tower of London poppy field

The Tower of London has released previously unseen aerial footage of the Installation of 888,246 ceramic poppies by Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.
The film captures the near complete installation from unique angles, as a quadcopter drone was deployed to follow the rising arc of The Wave, sweep across the vast sea of red and reveal the position of the poppies at the centre of the iconic London landscape.


Team BlackSheep’s TEATIME in London

Team BlackSheep spends an afternoon teatime in UK’s capital, visiting a short selection of the most famous sights.

London’s Crossrail tunnels

The team behind the city’s epic Crossrail project has just finished excavating 26 miles of tunnels underneath the city, and sent a drone down there to capture what it looks like.

More than half of the £15 billion ($22 billion) project is complete, so the crew attached a camera to a carriage navigating the deserted tunnels before flying the UAV into some of the eerie passageways.

Crossrail, a hugely ambitious underground railway project involving 10,000 people working beneath the streets of London, won’t be open to the public until 2018. For now, though, you can fly through some of the sci-fi spaces via the clip above.