Top 10 Nature Drone Video Footage – 2015

These stunning drone videos have been taken through icy caves, rushing falls and sandy shore beaches, drone footage is yet another way to explore and capture the beauty of planet Earth. Enjoy these beautiful videos that go where no human could go alone. Here is our list of the Top 10 Nature Drone Video Footage.

1) Surfers at Jaws Maui, Peahi, Hawaii 


In this video, JulesJordantv used the Phantom Drone Quadcopter to harness a GoPro Hero 3+. With this setup, amazing footage of massive 40 foot waves tossing through Maui’s oceans are caught on aerial video. Surfers attempt to ride these colossal waves: some successful, some being shoved below the salty waters, boards and all.


2) Ice Caves of Alaska

A number of natural ice caves have been formed within the snowy lands of Alaska, and many tourists are lucky enough to take a guided tour through some of the caverns, trails, and tunnels of the glacier ice. But for those of us who are not quite as fortunate, a video like the one taken with this drone is an unbelievable sight.



3) Surfers at Banzai Pipeline Hawaii

For these shots, Eric Sterman took a GoPro camera and attached it to the DJI Quadcopter, then flew it out over the waves of Oahu, Hawaii, in a place surfers now call the Banzai Pipeline.

4) Surfers Near the Mentawai Islands


These fantastic shots of surfers enjoying the waves on the Mentawai Islands was shot by Евгений Златанов with the help of a drone. Check out the amazing footage:



5) Stampeding Dolphins



Captain Dave Anderson captures a spectacular viewpoint of stampeding dolphins using a drone and a GoPro Hero3.



6) Iceland



Using the DJ Phantom, here are some incredible views of Iceland.


7) Rarely Visited Area of Arizona’s Vermilion Cliffs

With the help of a drone, Tristan Greszko was able to capture amazing footage of the Vermilion Cliffs. He used a small quadcopter and rigged it with a GoPro.



8) Yasur Volcano


This DJ Phantom drone was flown into a volcano on the island of Tanna, and the captured footage is unreal.


9) Niagra Falls


Using a DJI Phantom, this videographer is able to take us on an up close and personal tour of the natural wonder that is Niagra Falls.


10) Firework Show


Jos Stiglingh flew aDJI Phantomaerial drone into a firework show in West Palm Beach, watch it in this incredible video.