Top 10 Best Drones for Action Cameras – 2018

best drones that hold gopro cameras

Are you looking for the best drone that is compatible with your action camera? Then you have come to the right place!

GoPros and other action cameras are known for their amazing picture quality and if you already own one, then it definitely makes sense to buy a drone that you can use with it instead of buying a drone with a fixed dedicated camera.  There are now hundreds of drones that are specifically designed for attaching GoPro cameras, so choosing the best one can be quite time consuming. The drones we have selected are widely known for being very agile, easy to control, have a good amount of flight time and of course, has the ability to attach GoPro cameras!

Here is our top 5 best GoPro Drones on the market right now in 2018.

5) Contixo F17 Drone

Key Features:

  • GoPro Compatible: Brushless motors and necessary attachments give this drone the ability to carry several action cameras with ease. Use your existing GoPro camera to capture stunning photos/videos
  • The F17 is equipped with MT1806 1800KV BRUSHLESS MOTORS. The advanced motor technology reduces friction between motor parts, increasing the durability of the motor and efficiency of the brushless motor which in turn prolongs the battery life to 50% or more compared to conventional motors.
  • 2100-mAh battery – Let your drone fly up to 18 minutes on a single charge without worrying about heading to the outlet so soon. The battery is easily removable and thanks to the body design, it is safely secured.
  • The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once it’s in low voltage and also will make an audible sound once the signal is weak. So, your drone is always under control.
  • Protect your drone during storage or on the go flying with the included Aluminum Travel Case. Easy to organize your accessories and keep your investment safe.


4) DROCON Blue Bugs Drone

Key Features:

  • Advanced motor technology facilitates low friction between motor parts, thus reducing heat production. Therefore, extremely durable and energy-efficient allowing longer battery life of 50% or more compared to conventional motors.
  • Novel two-way 2.4GHZ transmitter enhances drone response and control. High operating range of 300-500 meters for an adrenaline-rushing experience.
  • 1,800-mAh battery- Flight time of up to 18 minutes on a single charge.
  • Capture HD images/video by attaching your own action camera for lasting memories
  • Smart Remote Control Alarm Function: The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once the drone is in low voltage. so , your drone is always under control. The transmitter buzzer will send out beep sound once the remote control signal is weak or interference. Your flight is always safe.

3) 3DR Solo Drone

Key Features:

  • GoPro sold separately.
  • Solo runs two 1 GHz computers, one on the copter and one in the controller, connected via a powerful dedicated Wi-Fi signal.
  • This enables Solo to do amazing things that no personal drone has ever been able to do.
  • Its powerful and one-of-a-kind computer-assisted Smart Shot modes allow Solo to fly itself so you can focus on shooting; the perfect photo or video is always just a few taps away.
  • Solo is also the first all-in-one drone to offer live streaming of HD video from your GoPro directly to your mobile device, as well as built-in HDMI for live broadcast in HD.


2) AirDog Sports GoPro Drone

Key Features:

  • Fully Autonomous Drone with sports specific flight modes
  • AirDog autonomously follows you without a bulky remote control, so you can focus on the action!
  • Control AirDog & make inflight adjustments with AirLeash – the wearable, waterproof control & tracking device
  • Future-proof. New flight modes & performance enhancements through free software updates
  • Foldable, easily fits in your backpack
  • Ground Collision Avoidance with LiDAR
  • Compatible cameras: GoPro Hero3, 3+ Black, Silver, White (in slim housing) and Hero4 Silver, Black (in Standard Housing), Adapter for GoPro Hero5 available as an accessory

1) GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

Key Features:

  • Karma captures amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or body mounted. 
  • The Karma Drone folds to fit into the included lightweight case. Take it anywhere. When you’re ready to fly, just unfold, attach the propellers and go. 
  • The Karma Stabilizer captures breathtaking shake-free video both in the air and on the ground. 
  • Remove the Karma Stabilizer and attach it to Karma Grip for ultra steady, professional-looking handheld shots.
  • Karma Grip works with GoPro mounts, including the built-in shoulder mount on the Karma Case, to deliver ultra steady body-mounted footage. 

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black
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