South Dakota Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Aerial Horizon UAS LLC

About Company: Aerial Horizons offers a vast array of services shown below. We are always open to new ideas feel free to contact us with your request!Real estate companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography because the true shape, size, and layout of a home can be properly captured. For potential buyers who want to see the home and its property as a whole, aerial photography does the best job of showing true dimensions. Ditch the blueprints and photo albums and give clients what they’re looking for… an aerial shot of the home and all its beauty. All companies and businesses can use aerial photography for marketing and branding purposes. It is rare that photographs are shot from an aerial vantage point. Since they are so rare, most people find their eyes drawn to shots with a bird’s eye view. Any business can increase its visual appeal by utilizing unique aerial photography. Branding strategies can also be greatly influenced by this type of photography.

Contact Number: 605-221-4400


Company Name: Dakota Drone Aerial Photography

About Company: My name is Glen Hedstrom and I am a licensed drone pilot. I started Dakota Drone Aerial Photography because I wanted to be a part of the aerial photography movement. I have been flying drones for the past 6 years. I would be happy to talk to you about this fantastic technology and show you what a difference photos from the sky can make for your project.

Contact Number: 605-595-7032


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