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Company Name: Providence Aerial

About Company:  At Providence Aerial, we see the benefit that UAV/UAS (drones) can bring to a wide variety of industries and applications.

With their compact size, low cost to operate and flexibility/maneuverability, these new crafts provide aerial photography and videography services at a reduced cost, improved safety, increased accessibility, and with greater insights than any other means.

However, along with the benefits this new technology provides – there is also great potential for danger and risk.  The popularity and easy access of these machines provides the opportunity for those who exhibit poor decision making to endanger themselves and those around them, and cast the overall UAV/UAS (drone) industry in a negative light.

This is why our expert team at Providence Aerial have spent the last year practicing and refining our skills and techniques, and investing in our knowledge and equipment, so when the time came that we could legally provide services to clients, we would have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to operate effectively and safely, to deliver results that truly showcase what these amazing machines can offer, and why people shouldn’t be nervous or afraid of them.

Contact Number: (401) 684-1983

Website: http://www.providenceaerial.com/

Company Name: RI Drone Services

About Company: At RI Drone Services, we are committed to using only the safest, technologically advanced and well-maintained civilian class drones available today. Our high-performance drones are safe, stable, and agile. Flight controls display altitude, flight speed, and distance and “dynamic home point” technology can make the drone return to its home-point on command. We are diligent about operating in a safe environment and, just like pilots of manned airplanes, we follow strict procedures leading up to every flight. We will not operate if we feel that it is unsafe to do so. We brief every individual involved in the flight in advance on specific details of the flight and safety procedures.

Contact Number: (401) 400-0109

Website: http://www.rhodeislanddroneservices.com/

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