Quebec Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Air Photo Max

About Company: Every image is unique and so is every project undertaken by Air Photo Max. Our philosophy is very simple: to achieve excellence in each and every project. Our work methods are based on this philosophy which has allowed us to take aerial photography to new levels of efficiency.

While some companies emphasize quantity, at Air Photo Max we prefer to focus on quality. We like to find the picture that’s worth a thousand words.

In order to deliver the best of services, we use the latest professional equipment and the best aerial photography techniques. This enables us to deliver personalized results that will also be highly effective. Our objective is to provide you with a strategic asset that gives your project more prominence in terms of vision, scope and success.

We seek innovation because we are driven by the desire to go beyond the limits, to let our creativity take flight on the wings of imagination and to create an impact beyond conventional frameworks. In light of this, Mario Faubert and his team are uniquely qualified to endow your project with a powerful original image that maximizes its scope and impact.

Contact Number: (514) 865-0385


Company Name: DroneXperts

About Company: DroneXperts is a service company located in Quebec city and in Sainte-Marie, using drone technology for specialized data collection for aerial imagery and visual production.

DroneXperts was founded by Johan Lassalle in July 2012. Everything started when he created his first drones specially designed for aerial photography. At the beginning of 2013, Jonathan Dupont Champagne became drawn to this new technology and decided to join Johan. Together they decided to bring DroneXperts to a whole other level.

The interest of various players from a range of different fields pushed the company in a whole new direction. Surveying services, infrastructure inspection, agricultural applications, visual production and direction and more… Seeing the possibilities for drone applications multiplying, the founders decided to spend an entire year researching and developing.

Contact Number: 418 476-3007


Company Name: VuDuCiel

About Company: VuDuCiel provides its customers with a multirotor drone equipped with a digital and HD (High Definition) video camera in order to perform a wide range of aerial photography work. Our standard services include the rental of a drone platform and all of its auxiliary equipments (remote controls, monitors, batteries, etc.), a team of 2 highly trained flight technicians (a certified pilot and a camera operator) as well as a full insurance coverage package. If needed, the customer can also see the aerial images being captured with the help of a live video feed at his disposal and highlight shots of interest.

Contact Number: (514) 965-4633


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