Oregon Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Fly View Aerial

About Company: Fly View Aerial is a video and photo production company specializing in creating aerial and stock content. Fly View operates locally in the Pacific Northwest and West Coast including Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, San Francisco & Los Angeles California, Phoenix Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Boise Idaho.

Fly View Aerial represents creative professionals located in the Pacific Northwest that strive to bring you unparalleled products and imagery in the creative and corporate industries.

Contact Number: 1-503-482-8512

Website: http://www.flyviewaerial.com/


Company Name: Southern Oregon Drone

About Company: Southern Oregon Drone can film or photograph just about anything you need. Some examples include hotels and resorts, golf courses, wineries and vineyards, mobile home parks and campsites, car dealerships, water sports, real estate and property, apartment complexes, sporting events, cars & boats for sale, concerts, and even infrastructure inspections. If your project requires footage from the ground (or under water!) as well, Southern Oregon Drone has professional DSLR and GoPro equipment available. 

Contact Number: N/A

Website: http://www.southernoregondrone.net

Company Name: Skyris Imaging

About Company: Skyris Imaging™ is a full-service aerial photography, video, imaging & GIS company dedicated to informing decision makers with actionable data. Our fleet of aerial photography platforms allow us to provide you with the images you need, when you need them, at an affordable price.

Skyris™ utilizes the latest in small drone technology including GPS and gyro-stabilized flight control systems to deploy sensors capturing high quality images used in asset management.  We are a technical services company assisting customers interested in aerial photography, marketing video, litigation support, real estate and industrial inspections.

Contact Number: 503.780.3032

Website: http://www.skyrisimaging.com/

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