Ontario Drone Photography Services


Company Name: DroneBoy

About Company: DroneBoy is based just outside of Toronto, ON Canada, and we have a team of highly skilled drone pilots, camera operators and support personnel who are ready to help you get the shot you want right now. We have worked extensively throughout Canada and many locations worldwide.

Our passion is shooting high quality video and still images from a variety of flying platforms. We create spectacular aerial content for film and television, the corporate market, sporting events, industry and even private events. No job is too big or too small.

Behind the scenes we have a complete operations team who work hard to obtain the insurance, permits and all the paperwork required for this new realm of aerial filming.  All our pilots have completed a Transport Canada recognized ground school training program and we carry $5 million in liability insurance specifically for film production work with drones. In addition to this we have a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (S.F.O.C.) from Transport Canada for all five of the flight regions across Canada. This is a huge advantage as it enables us to fly anywhere in Canada on very short notice.

Contact Number: (866) 783-7871

Website: http://www.droneboy.com/

Company Name: FromAbove Inc

About Company: FromAbove Inc. is a professional aerial media production company based in Burlington, Ontario. Using remote control drone technology we capture aerial perspectives while standing on the ground.

In order to capture high quality and crisp images and videos from above, we use a special type of remote controlled aircraft known as a drone. Drones are equipped with high definition cameras which provide incredibly stable, high-definition videos and photos.

Contact Number: 905-220-1057

Website: http://www.fromabove.ca/

Company Name: I Need A Drone

About Company: With over 14 years experience building and flying custom radio controlled heli and multicopters, I Need A Drone is rated as one of Toronto’s #1 Aerial Drone Photography & Video Companies. Founded by radio control pilot and professional digital photographer, Tim Higgins, INAD is capable of providing an array of drone rental and piloting solutions; all backed by his custom fleet of hand built, production-ready drones.

Contact Number: (705) 241-4517

Website: http://ineedadrone.ca/

Company Name: Sky Eye Media

About Company: Sky Eye Media specializes in professional aerial cinematography and photography.  Whether it is a feature film, promotional video, or aerial photography, Sky Eye Media will deliver a service and product that exceeds your expectations.  Utilizing drones (remote controlled helicopters), Sky Eye Media can capture unique low-altitude angles in positions that cannot be accessed by manned aircraft.  This allows for production of superior quality video and photos in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Contact Number: (705) 220 1497

Website: http://www.skyeyemedia.com


About Company: Our experienced professional photographer, Kevin Arsenault, uses the best equipment for aerial, drone and real estate photography to ensure that the photos he captures are of the finest quality. We are passionate about what we do and are determined to consistently deliver the great results that people have come to expect from Up Photography.

From elegant portraits of private homes and cottages to commercial images of industrial and real estate sites, we take property photography to new heights!

Contact Number: 519-573-4599

Website: http://upphotography.ca

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