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Company Name: 8impact

About Company: Drone Photography, drone video, and interactive aerial media are just a few ways advanced multimedia can meet the needs of clients in the 21st century. The big thing that sets us apart from other drone companies is that… well… we’re much more than a drone company. Our origins actually lie in video production, photography, and the fine arts. In early 2013, we recognized the incredible doors that could be opened and visual pioneering that could be accomplished through the power of drones. So now, we offer a powerful hybrid of traditional artistic talent and cutting-edge technology that helps us offer vantage points never before seen.

Our drive to offer a comprehensive creative solution for our clients allows us to offer expertise in video production and editing, motion graphics, animation, 3D modeling, visual effects, and web design and development.

By combining a rich skill set and a passion for technological advancement with a deep network in the construction, architecture and multimedia industries, our mission is to provide fully comprehensive media solutions. We guide your project to success and ensure that what YOU want, is what you get.

Contact Number: 614.551.3239

Website: http://8impact.com/

Company Name: Aerial Agents

About Company: Aerial Agents is Ohio’s premier aerial photography & videography company.  As experts in UAS (unmanned aerial systems) or “drone” piloting, we specialize in capturing professional, high-quality aerial photographs and videos for our clients.

Aerial Agents mission is to provide innovative and customized aerial imaging and recording solutions using the most technologically-advanced UAS equipment in the industry to meet your needs for a unique aerial experience.

Contact Number: 440-241-1677

Website: http://www.aerialagents.com/

Company Name: Aerial Image Solutions

About Company: Aerial Image Solutions is composed of a team of people with a diversity of backgrounds, disciplines and knowledge. This diversity has allowed us to think outside the box when it comes to the variety of creative services that we offer.  The technology and equipment that we utilize is cutting edge.  Staying on the forefront of drone technology, photography, and cinematography is important to the growth of our business.  Keeping up with advancements within our industry allows us to deliver only the highest quality end product to our clients.  We strive for perfection.  As our own worst critic, we are continually looking for ways to improve in order to deliver superior products.  We review and critique our work thoroughly prior to delivery.  If it doesn’t meet our strict standards, we do it again until we feel we’ve gotten it right.  You can be sure we won’t be satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Contact Number: 740-972-2141

Website: http://www.aerialimagesolutions.com/

Company Name: Gunn Photography Services

About Company:  Owner Matt Gunn is a commercial photographer and editor in the radio-controlled car and airplane industry, creating extensive product reviews for magazines and websites. He has an FAA Part 107 certification as a Remote Pilot with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems type rating, and an FCC Technician radio operator license. Matt has combined his passion for model aviation and photography into Gunn Photography Services, LLC. The idea behind starting the business was to offer affordable aerial photography and video to anyone requiring high-resolution pictures and video from above.

Typically, the aerial photography industry has been dominated by pilots with full-sized airplanes and helicopters. Fuel and maintenance costs, pilot fees, and aircraft rental fees are often factored in when using real aircraft, and that can make the request of a few simple aerial photos expensive and uneconomical. But only in the last 10 years have relatively inexpensive radio-controlled drones become sophisticated enough to produce the high-quality imagery needed for today’s competitive online marketing, especially in the real estate and construction fields.  With advanced automatic stabilization systems and GPS positioning, drones can hover virtually motionless while a camera operator looks through a monitor and sees what the camera sees, or fly on a virtual rail as the operator controls the camera gimbal independently. This allows for extremely precise photography and smooth aerial video at affordable costs.

Contact Number: 234-400-4839

Website: https://www.gunnphotoservices.com/

Company Name: Perfect Perspectives

About Company: We are your #1 source for FAA Section 333/Part 107 approved Ohio Drone Video and Aerial Cinematography using Freefly Systems Alta and MOVI M5/M10/M15 camera stabilization in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Akron, Cleveland and all across the Midwest. Video Production companies from across the globe seek us out to fly RED and ARRI digital cinema cameras on Freefly Systems MOVI brushless gimbals, which are the gold standard in camera stabilization as professionals all know. Our industry leading fleet of drone aerial video systems provide close-range, low-altitude UHD Aerial Video, Drone Aerial Videography, and Drone Aerial Photography that’s fast, safe, and easy to afford. Our high performance drones fill the gap between ground level imaging and traditional full size aerial video and photography that is often too high to provide adequate image detail, optimum composition, and eye catching, dynamic camera movements that viewers have come to expect today in motion pictures, television and advertising. Full size aircraft certainly have some advantages over drones (speed, distance, etc.) which is why we also provide Red Dragon/Weapon and Arri Alexa Mini aerial video using our custom gimbal mount from full size helicopters.

Contact Number: (937) 272-5952

Website: http://perfectperspectivesaerial.com/

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