New Mexico Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Eagles Eye Photo

About Company: We Create aerial and ground photographs with strong, eye catching impact to tell a specific story for each client. The aerials are traditionally done from an airplane where the vantage point is exceptional to properly show location. In some cases we do provide the optional drone photography when video is needed. Images created help establish, a cost effective and efficient method for you to quickly make a great first impression, to enhance the generation a decision. One image is worth thousands of words.

Service, confidentiality, quality and price are equally important to us. In this photography business, situations constantly change. Emphasis is on quality, service, cost, flexibility and attention to detail, as this efficiently serves the creation of a timely, final result.

Contact Number: 505-888-0246


Company Name: High Flight Media

About Company:  I started off as a cameraman for KOAT TV in Albuquerque in 1981. After leaving KOAT for other career opportunities, my passion for videography and photography continued throughout the decades. I eventually ended up working in the film industry for two years as a Set Lighting Technician. I have produced over 400 videos, so I have an acute understanding of framing, color, lighting and texture. I am always continuing my training in these disciplines. I have been flying helicopters on and off since the mid ’80s. FPV (or “First Person View”) is a new technology that gives the RC pilot the ability to figuratively sit in the pilot’s seat. This allows me to see exactly what the camera sees. This has been a game-changer for those of us who have tried aerial photography in the past.


Contact Number: 505-999-8561


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