Netherlands Drone Laws


General Netherlands Drone Laws:

Recreational / personal use:
Flying with drones for recreational / private use is permitted in the Netherlands and is currently governed by the regulations set for flying model airplanes. Always consider the fact that there are additional rules may apply to the municipality and / or province. Model aircraft is a remotely controlled airplane with a maximum weight of 25 kilograms without driver and / or passenger (s).

From the control model flying prepared by the Ministry of Transport to conclude that the recreational flying drones (or model aircraft) is permitted in the Netherlands. The flight should be conducted under conditions and locations where there from the ground during the entire flight was good view of the model aircraft and the air around it. Flights in the vicinity of (military) airports are not allowed.

As of July 2, 2013, the rules tightened for recreational use of drones.

So you may not:

  • flying over buildings;
  • fly over crowds;
  • flying over cars (fast) way and railways;
  • fly within a 3 km radius of civil and military airports;
  • fly higher than 300 feet above the ground or an object;
  • Night flying.

If you go with a model airplane above Dutch territory even pictures or images to create from the air, this is allowed. In the past, namely air intake or a license is required for shooting, but this is by June 1, 2013 revoked by the Ministry of Defence. As the satellite pictures from Google and Microsoft are already more detailed than many aerial photographer can capture, this decision was revoked. It remains forbidden to take photographs of military bases and / or airports, both from the air and from the ground.

Commercial use:
Flying with drones for business (professional) use is not permitted in the Netherlands. Professionally flying drones is only allowed if the company has an exemption. This waiver may be requested from the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT or ILenT). The exemption its rules and limitations. More information about the procedure, requirements and cost for applying for a waiver can be found in the Information Bulletin light UAVs .

Last Updated: July 2015