Missouri Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Columbia Aerial

About Company: At Columbia Aerial, we strive to bring you the latest in aerial media technology. Long considered a luxury item for the elite few, aerial imagery is now a technology that is accessible to even the smallest real estate operation or sole proprietor. UAS and UAVs (more popularly referred to as drones) have benefited from an astronomically high adoption rate of mobile phones, which share much of the same technology. With cellphones allowing for production efficiencies of things like GPS, micro storage, small HD cameras and video, drones have reached a price point that makes them much more accessible and affordable than helicopters or expensive cinema suspension rigs.

Contact Number: 573-206-3322

Website: http://www.columbiaaerial.com/

Company Name: KC Drone Co

About Company: We are passionate about providing remote sensing solutions to corporate and government decision-makers. KC Drone Co. has developed an end to end solution to drive the correct business decisions to both customers and service providers. We go beyond basic imagery to provide insight that will enable you to anticipate the needs of your business and provide further value to your customers. Clients will walk away with information that puts them ahead of their competitors and solves many problems before they even arise.

Contact Number: 816.673.3061

Website: http://www.kcdroneco.com/

Company Name: St Louis Drones

About Company: We know St Louis very well, in fact we are also location scouts and mangers for the St Louis region.  And we have a vast experience with flying drones for film production over the last two years.  Here are images of the production with aerial drone footage for The Layover movie in St. Louis by William H. Macy and Cinematographer, Mark Irwin.  In addition, we shoot for a number of local businesses and production studios in the region. For safety and quality, we always shoot with a two-man crew, and we are fully insured.  We adhere to FAA guidelines.  Our pilot always keeps visual contact with the drone, while our navigator guides and directs the shot. Video is taken back to the studio and cropped and stabilized for universal viewing.  All video and still images are high definition (HD) and digital for universal media acceptance.

Contact Number: 314-604-6544

Website: https://stlouisdrones.net/

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