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Company Name: Aerial Photo 123

About Company: Creating compelling aerial photos and video to meet and exceed the needs of your project!

A photographer since 1979, I started creating images professionally in the 1990’s, marketing my images as stock.​

I currently fly a dual operator DJI Inspire 1 drone with the X5 camera to make beautiful aerial photographs and stunning aerial video up to 4K.  I can deliver panoramic aerial images, printed in beautiful detail up to 19′ long!  This is accomplished by seamlessly stitching multiple images together with Adobe Photoshop CC.

Contact Number: 781-244-5655


Company Name: Maine Imaging

About Company: While we have been taking pictures and shooting video from helicopters and planes for over 20 years, the recent addition of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), or “Drones”, has come with many benefits, but also some serious issues.  A UAV allows us to get a camera into places that wouldn’t normally be possible, even with a helicopter.  This allows for an interesting perspective, and is absolutely wonderful for both photography and video work.

Our current UAV can shoot 4K video @ 30fps.  The one inch sensor in the camera can also produce stunning 20mp image files, with better high dynamic range (less noise) and clarity than older versions.  The much improved lens in our new UAV greatly reduces the distortion so commonly associated with lesser quality drone cameras.

Contact Number: (207) 380-6343


Company Name: Main Sky Imagery

About Company: The simple advantage of drone photography is that you are able to get your camera higher in the sky for better perspectives. So many times, photographers wish there was a way to get a higher perspective to shoot a landscape. Ansel Adams would even build platforms on top of his car so he could shoot from a higher perspective.

Higher perspectives make landscapes look longer and larger than they actually are. It’s a great way to create better looking landscape photographs.

The ability to shoot higher perspectives with drones is also a great way to shoot landscapes that don’t have foreground elements.

Contact Number: 585-354-4710


Company Name: MaineUAV

About Company:  MaineUAV provides cost-effective aerial views in amazing 4K quality.  From construction companies to insurance claims, we have four drones in our fleet to get the job done.  Our commitment is assuring your project gets top priority.

Contact Number: (207) 242-4537


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