Indiana Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Above All Photography, Ltd.

About Company: James is an Indiana University graduate with a B.S. in Informatics. Specializing in IT Management, he is a professional photographer / videographer and an Adobe Production Expert, capable of producing high end videos utilizing the newest technology in 3d visualization, animation, and camera tracking. James also manages mapping / georectification projects and develops the website. He enjoys flying and is a pilot with over 1000 hrs in fixed wing and rotorcraft.

Contact Number: 800.969.4445


Company Name: Aerial Imaging Resources

About Company: Aerial Imaging Resources is full service media production company specializing in precision aerial imagery. Our services also include High Resolution Mapping, Aerial Videography and Photography, 3D Modeling and Virtual Touring.  Our technology allows us to capture imagery at angles and altitudes never before possible. We utilize satellite enabled unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and gyro-stabilized ultra high definition cameras to capture breathtaking footage that has never before been possible with full size aircrafts.

Our aerial quadcopter technology is quiet and lightweight allowing allowing safe and unobtrusive flight around your property, development site, or event. Whether you need aerial and interior touring imagery of a premiere property, local business, large event or development site, we have you covered. We can incorporate professional ground imagery to cover all aspects of the presentation you want to give.

Contact Number: 317-550-5970


Company Name: Indy Drone

About Company:  Indy Drone is licensed by the FAA to provide commercial drone services under both standard commercial drone laws and a special FAA exemption. This allows our clients the flexibility to get the job done no matter where and when drone services are needed.

Most insurance companies specifically exclude Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) from their corporate and homeowner insurance policies. Indy Drone has UAS liability insurance provided by an aviation insurance company to protect you from liability in the event of a mishap.

Indy Drone is operated by a professional pilot with airline, charter, and corporate jet flying under his belt

Contact Number: (317) 847-5303


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