Idaho Drone Photography Services


Company Name:  Rapid Aerial LLC

About Company:  Rapid Aerial LLC is a Boise, Idaho owned and based Aerial imagery provider.

Using some of the latest unmanned aerial vehicle technology, we can provide breath taking aerial photos and thrilling aerial video.  Combine that with some of the most advanced photogrammetry software available and we can provide incredibly accurate 3D maps, orthomosaics, infastructure inspections, and crop health surveys.  This can all be done more safely and at a fraction of the the cost of manned flight.  Aerial thermal and multispectral imaging is coming soon and we look forward to providing energy conservation studies, electrical inspections, and aid in search and rescue operations.  Quite literally, the sky is the limit for unmanned flight capability and we’re excited to be your imagery provider. Contact us today to discuss your aerial solution.

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Company Name: SkyBlue Media

About Company: With over four years of experience capturing aerial images from remotely controlled helicopters, the professionals at SkyBlue Media know how to capture a property in the most appealing way. The helicopters we use, and the cameras on them, are designed for professionals. Don’t be fooled into allowing someone with an recently purchased GoPro action cam mounted to a plastic helicopter take your important images. They will end up distorted, lacking in detail and ultimately dull. If you want professional results, talk to the pros. (that’s us)

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