Georgia Drone Photography Services


Company Name: ATL Drone

About Company:  The talent trusted to produce the most recognized aerial shots in the entertainment industry brings the same passion and quality to digital still photography.

Our experienced pilots and photographers regularly produce world-class photos for publications, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and media all over the world.

Put our expertise to work for your business today.

Contact Number: (404) 220-9308


Company Name: FlyWorx LLC

About Company: It has been a natural progression of the FlyWorx business model to be an industry leader in aerial drone infrastructure inspections.  Our expertise continues to grow in the field of industrial inspections for, power grid, cell tower, water tower, utility tower, bridge inspections and more.  FlyWorx, LLC provides a full suite of aerial UAV services that can be customized uniquely for your business.  This incorporates proprietary cloud software to store your data and give you full on-demand access safely.  We are currently working with utility companies to develop and implement specialized aerial inspection systems for implementation into their current business processes. Tower inspections are potentially dangerous. Our aerial inspections are safe, fast and more cost-efficient than traditional methods of heavy equipment and workforce.  FlyWorx technology and expertise will positively affect your bottom line.

Contact Number: (844) 359-9679


Company Name: The Georgia Drone

About Company: We provide aerial videography, photography & video editing services for commercial & residential real estate, weddings, construction sites and more! We offer post-production services to give your video a polished, professional look. Some of our editing includes color-correction, transitions, title & music overlays and more.  We provide this as a separate service at an additional cost. We don’t just shoot in the sky. We also shoot on the ground. Red carpet events, screenings, car shows, weddings, corporate videos and more.

Contact Number:  404-981-6575


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