Connecticut – Drone Photography Services


Company Name: Dragonfly Aerial Media

About Company: Dragonfly Aerial Media is an FAA certified provider of aerial drone Photography and Video Production services. We are passionate about creating immersive visual arts that tell a story, evoke emotion, and inspire viewers.

Contact Number: 203.520.0242


Company Name: Drone Photo Shots

About Company:  Drone Photo Shots in Kent, CT offers professional aerial photography services at excellent rates.

We use only the latest technology, and can offer the finest distortion free  high resolution imagery available. Your photos or videos will be unmatched in quality, and will be captured in ways that make your marketing project stand above the rest.

Contact Number: 203-733-5934


Company Name: PhotoFlight Aerial Media

About Company: PhotoFlight Aerial Media has been using traditional aircraft to offer premium aerial photography services for over two decades. At the early onset of the UAS industry, we adopted UAS/drone technology to expand our product portfolio and list of partners and clients benefiting from our knowledge of the UAS tech. We are proud of our heritage and our ability to continue evolving with UAS technology, our markets, and the industry.

Contact Number: 1-844-726-4359


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