Colombian Drone Laws


Colombian Drone Regulations:

  • Do not fly near buildings or near crowds of people.
  • Do not fly a manner that will create a risk for persons or property; particularly when strong wind or any other weather factor and mechanical damage of the equipment or control equipment, or lack of skill of the operator can cause loss of control
  • The maximum weight allowed is 25 Kg.  UAVs above that weight must have approval from Directorate of Air Operations and have liability insurance for damage to third parties.
  • No metal propellers of any kind may be used.
  • Do not fly within 5 KM of an airport unless there is special permission from the Directorate of
    Air Operations.
  • Do not fly at a height greater than 500 feet above the ground.
  • Do not allow the UAV to be more than 750 meters away from the operator.
  • Line of sight must be maintained between the operator and the drone.

Last Updated: July 2015