Best Drones That Can Lift More Than 1kg – 2022

best heavylift drone

Are you looking for a drone that is capable of carrying 1kg or more? You are not alone! The market for heavy lift drones is starting to develop itself as a well-served market. Advancements in drone technology have progressed to where drones are no longer delicate machines incapable of lifting heavier payloads. Today, drones are now able to carry more than your sports action camera or your DSLR camera-  they are now capable of carrying payloads up to 10 kilograms! Here is our list of the best heavy lift drones in 2022.

5) Yuneec H920 Plus Drone (2kg) 

  • 3X Optical Zoom: Get closer to the action!
  • 4K Camera & 16MP Stills: The image quality is simply outstanding.
  • Foldable Arms: Transportation is easy with the included case!
  • Retractable Landing Gear: For unobstructed video and pictures.
  • Hexacopter: Rock steady in the wind.

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4) DJI Spreading Wings S900 Drone (4.9kg)

  • This version bundles the S900 air frame with the A2 flight controller and your choice of Z15 Gimbals.
  • Lightweight materials such as a sturdy carbon fiber frame make flights more enjoyable by lasting longer
  • New and improved motors makes for a much more reliable flight. Spark proof plug will prevent short circuits when you plug in.
  • Improved power distribution system insures no cables will come loose during flight. Better footage by a reduction in vibrations caused by strategically using dampers to separate the mainframe with the gimbal bracket.
  • Removable upper centerboard allows easy access and faster installation of flight controller
  • power distribution system and main controller.

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3) DJI Matrice 600 Drone (6kg)


  • Designed for filmmakers and industrial applications
  • Multiple gimbals supported including the Ronin-MX
  • A3 and Lightbridge 2 built-in
  • Extended flight time and long range transmission
  • Professional HD transmission
  • Powerful app control
  • SDK supported
  • Upgradeable with A3 PRO and D-RTK GNSS

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2) DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Drone (6.8kg)

  • Large Carrying Capacity, Strong and Stable
  • Highly Portable, with Foldable Arms
  • New Power Distribution System
  • Removable Upper Center Board
  • Spark proof Plug

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1) TTA-AMERICA M6E-1 Drone (10kg)


This drone features all of the greatest tech like Terrain Sensing, GPS Ground Station software, automatic pump and flow control, A-B simple flight planning, long-range remote control with spoken alerts and emergency return to home. Plus, we’ve added great smart features to get the most efficiency out of your drone spraying missions! For example, you can program this drone so that whenever the spray tank is empty, it will automatically fly home and land. Once you’ve refilled the tank, you can flip a switch and the drone will fly back to the exact place it left off, automatically activate the spray pump and continue the flight plan! TTA-AMERICA (part of the HSE-UAV family) is one of America’s leading industrial drone companies.

  • Safe, reliable and effective crop spraying drone. Under 55lbs! This includes Drone, Terrain Sensor, Spray System, RC, Live Video Camera, and Ground Station Software (see our ‘ready to fly kits’ which include batteries/charger)
  • Field-tough build and fully water resistant for easy rinsing & decontamination (remove the battery and the entire UAV can be sprayed down). Quick-Swap Tank.
  • This drone follows terrain automatically! Fully Autonomous Ground Station for GPS-guided missions, plus you can save each flight plan for easy and consistent spraying. Or, use the very easy A-B mode for quick missions.The Software is included with no on-going fees!
  • Full drone spray pump automation and flow-rate sensor. Plus it remembers where it ran out of spray and can automatically return to that exact spot! Fully interchangeable nozzles to fit nearly any application.

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