Best Drone For Photography – 2017


Drone Photography is growing popular each year. No longer are drones restricted to big movie budget film shoots or top secret agents behind enemy lines! Drones are now available for almost every price budget. The drones we have listed below have high definition cameras and advanced GPS stabilization systems. Here is our list of the top 10 best drones for photography in 2017.


1) DJI Inspire 1 Carbon Fiber Drone

This drone is capable of capturing 4K video and transmitting in a HD video signal to multiple devices straight out of the box. The 4K camera allows full 360 degree unobstructed view, allowing you to capture shots independent of the direction you are flying. it integrates with the enhanced version of Lightbridge HD downlink, DJI’s most advanced HD downlink technology. Designed to be powerful while lightweight and flexible while providing the stability you need, the Inspire 1 is DJI’s most advanced and cutting-edge product.

This bundle also comes with Trackimo Tracker, When your Drone flies out of sight you’ll know where it goes. Its the lightest GPS tracker that connects with your phone. You are able to track Drone’s activity with the live GPS tracking map that updates you with safety zone alerts. This is great all-in-one drone kit for photography.

2) DJI Phantom 3 Professional (Pro) 4K Video Camera

The Phantom 3 Professional continues the proud tradition of DJI’s Phantom series success and brings several important innovations to the Phantom’s rich feature set. The Phantom 3 Professional carries a fully stabilized 3-axis 4k UHD video camera for smooth, crisp videos and still photos. DJI has engineered a new generation of their Lightbridge technology that allows 720p HD digital streaming of live video directly from the drone. You can control the camera and see video in real time as you fly and you can even share the video using the DJI Pilot app’s advanced features. To aid indoor flying, the Phantom 3 Professional includes an integrated array of optical and ultrasonic sensors call Vision Positioning that allows you to fly precisely indoors without a GPS signal. The Phantom 3 Professional includes everything you need for drone photography, including GPS navigation with auto takeoffs and auto landings, intelligent high power flight battery, a built-in safety database of no fly zones, and a powerful mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

3) YUNEEC Q500 4K Typhoon Drone with CGO3-GB Camera (RTF)

The Q500 4K Typhoon drone with CGO3-GB Camera and Aluminum Case from Yuneec is designed for APV – aerial photography and video. It incorporates the CGO3-GB, a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera with 4K video recording, 1080p video recording at up to 120 fps, and shoots photos at 16mp.

The Q500 4K is bundled with the ST10+ Personal Ground Station, a 10-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter and 5.8 GHz video receiver rolled into one hand-held unit. In addition to traditional RC joysticks to pilot the drone, there is a built-in Android mobile device which boasts a 5.5″ touchscreen – a bump from the original ST10, which has a 4.5″ screen. It allows you to view an FPV (first-person view) video image from the camera along with telemetry data superimposed, as well as access settings not available through normal transmitter.

4) Chroma Flight-Ready Drone with Stabilized CGO3 4K Camera and ST-10+ Transmitter

If you’re looking for an easy way to jump into the exciting world of 4K aerial photography, this Chroma package has everything you need. -Captures smooth, steady aerial video in stunning 4K definition -No-distortion camera lens eliminates fisheye effect -Easy to fly – no experience necessary -Everything in one box -30 minute flight times (Dependent on flying style and/or wind conditions.) -Advanced SAFE Plus technology -Smart Mode for beginner pilots -AP Mode for experienced pilots -Autonomous Follow Me and Tracking modes -Return Home function -Live video and telemetry info on controller display -Uses GLONASS and U.S. GPS for greater accuracy and reliability -Mast-mounted GPS antenna for superb signal reception

5) Walkera Voyager 3 Drone with HD 1080P Camera

Voyager 3 is controlled through a DEVO F12E transmitter with 12 channels 2.4GHz with a FPV (video transmission) 5” monitor. On the F12E transmitter you can choose which device to control the drone with “Mix” switch. The exclusive smartphone app will talk with the Walkera Ground Control Station (included in the package) through Bluetooth, and this box will talk with the drone in mid-air through the 2.4GHz antenna. The smartphone app also provides important flight data and also works as a remote control, it has one click features such as One-Key Take Off (drone will start flight by itself and hover on air above ground), One-Key Landing (drone lands itself near pilot), One-Key Go Home (drone returns to pilot automatically) and you can even upload way-points to the drone and it’ll execute the flight plan according to your selected way-points on the map. If that isn’t enough for you, it also features Follow Me Mode, that allows the drone to follow or circle around the pilot.

6) AEE Toruk AP10 Drone with Integrated 16MP FPV Camera

AEE TORUK AP10 Camera RC Drone. This hot new drone comes with all the best top-of-the-line features you need for drone photography, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. Its HD camera is capable of shooting crystal clear 1080p video, as well as 16 megapixel still photography. You can connect your smartphone device via WiFi connection with the included mount for the 2.4GHz Transmitter. Watch a live feed from your phone from an incredible range of up to 1000 feet, thanks to the included WiFi range extender. If you’re not using a live feed, the AP10 drone’s transmitter has a reliable range of up to a 1500 foot radius! This is the perfect drone for any videographer, photographer, or RC enthusiast. With two flying modes, you can set your drone to fly in GPS navigation mode. This mode allows you to let go of the controls and the AP10 will stop when released and maintain a fixed vertical and horizontal position. By using GPS mode you are freed up to be able to capture stunning footage and not have to worry about crashing. If you are more of an experience pilot you can utilize manual mode and perform awesome aerial maneuvers! Boasting a high capacity 11.1V 5300mAh battery, your AP10 will be cruising for a lengthy 25 minutes.

7) Q500 Typhoon Drone with 1080P 60FPS HD Video Camera

The Q500 Typhoon is a complete aerial photography and videography (APV) system. The Q500 System includes the aircraft, a 1080P HD camera, a CGO2-GB 3 axis precision gimbal, the ST10 personal ground station, 2 batteries, a charger and an 8GB micro SD card. In addition, there are a number of accessories including a sun shade, car charger, USB adapter/charger and an extra set of 4 rotors. The ST10 personal ground station is a 10-channel 2.4GHz RC transmitter that supports a 5.8GHz video downlink that delivers streaming video to the built-in screen of the transmitter. While the Q500 offers a superior flying experience, it is the quality of the video and still images that sets it apart. The CGO2 GB combines the 12 megapixel, 1080p/60FPS camera and the 3-axis brushless gimbal into a single unit that captures smooth, steady aerial video and still images in vivid detail.

8) DJI T600-Dual-Controllers Inspire 1 Drone with 4k Video Camera with Controller

DJI’s most advanced technology comes together in an easy to use, all-in-one flying platform that empowers you to create the unforgettable. The Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoot and allowing 360-degree movement of the built-in 4K camera. You can shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photography with the Inspire 1 camera and 3-axis gimbal that is included as standard. It supports up to two controllers, one for the drone operator and one for the camera operator. It’s optical flow technology allows stable flight indoors. Using DJI’s advanced Lightbridge technology it allows allows 720p live streaming from up to 2km away!

9) LANDVO® XIRO Zero Xplorer Aerial UAV

The XIRO innovatively adopts standard modulus concept to its XPLORER drones series. The same XPLORER aerial is compatible to use various models of 4k action sport cameras. You can detach or exchange cameras for different purposes without the help of any tools.

With its high-performance 14 megapixel camera using the latest panasonic sensor, you can achieve high-quality image capture. The camera also supports burst mode and timed capture. Real time live preview and flight status will can be achieved by attaching your iOS or Android phone to the remote controller.

The ergonomic curve design of the controller offers the best comfort mid-flight and the strap knob located at the center balances the RC perfectly to help reduce hand control fatigue. Equipped with built-in Video Wireless Transmission, you can monitor your flying and remotely control the camera from your cell phone during the flight. Flight data such as aerial position and battery status is also displayed.

10) DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone for GoPro

DJI’s Phantom drone is the gear of choice for next-generation filmmakers and aerial photographers . Despite all the advanced functions, it’s easy to learn, so if you’ve never before owned an outdoor helicopter, this is the place to start. With innovative features such as Intelligent Orientation Control, automatic navigation back to home and a sleek, integrated design, see for yourself why the Phantom is the rig used by pros and beginners alike.