Bermuda Drone Laws


The following must be accomplished prior to receiving commercial approval to fly in the Bermuda.

  • Complete the Application
  • Create an approved Operations Manual (to include communications procedures with Air Traffic Control and operations in and around the control zone)- we give guidance on how to construct an operations manual fit for purpose.
  • Obtain a 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • Received Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Pass written Air Law test (Based on Rules of The Air under AN(OT)O 2013 Schedule 4)
  • Pass practical flight test

Here is a summary of the key Bermudian drone regulations:

  • You must maintain line of sight viewing.
  • You must remain below 400 feet..
  • It is illegal to fly over any congested areas and you must stay well away from airports.
  • You may only fly your unmanned aircraft over your own property or property for which you have been given permission by the owner.

Last Updated: July 2015