Belgium Drone Laws



Recreational / personal use:
Flying with drones for recreational / private use in Belgium is governed by Directorate General Transport Aérien (DGTA) and is permitted only at designated locations that are recognized as grounds for model aviation . So it is not allowed in Belgium to fly a drone other locties example in your garden, residential or any lawn.

Flying is only allowed at the designated locations at a maximum height of 200 meters and within a ceding of up to 400 meters. A director of an unmanned aircraft shall at all times respect the minimum distance of 200 meters to buildings and / or other obstacles.

SPF Mobilité et Transports, the National Mobility and Transport is working on a revision of the laws relating to such use of airspace. SPF realizes that TRACTS certain technologies requires a new balance between respect for aviation safety, protection of privacy and possible future integration of commercial applications of drones.

Please inform yourself beforehand with your municipality to specially designated locations where you can fly a drone for recreational use in Belgium.

Business use:
Flying with drones for business (professional) use is not allowed in Belgium. Only under strict conditions may grant the Directorate General of Civil Aviation permission to perform certain occupational flights. The professional use of drones in Belgium is very complicated and is subject to numerous laws and agencies. So is shooting with a drone by police or security forces, under the legislation issued for surveillance cameras. Occupational drones should be given explicit consent and regulations are respected organizations such as FPS Mobility and Home Affairs, Defence and the Commission of privacy. For more information about the business (professional) use of drones in Belgium, we advise you to contact the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation in Brussels.

Last Updated: July 2015